Eat enough fiber foods thanks to the vegnpro 

Life Loving Foods helps you eat the right amount of fiber every day.

Everyone needs a daily minimum intake of fiber, yet most people don’t meet this minimum. No matter how old you are or how physically active you are, you had better care about your intestinal transit!

Well, we know it is not a glamorous topic, but keep on reading for a minute and you will be convinced.

How to eat enough dietary fiber

To be healthy, your body needs both soluble and insoluble fibers.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends women to eat 25g fiber per day, and men eat 38g per day.

The question is: How to get a higher fiber intake?

Well, it is crucial to eat enough vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.

However, to make your life easier, you can rely on our vegnpro is made to help you reach the right amount of fiber every day. This is thanks to a mix of different soluble and insoluble fibers from various natural sources such as the psyllium and coconut flour.

We care about your health, and so should you!

Fibers help avoid serious diseases

Cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and heart diseases… so many troubles that you do not want to face.

Good news –  an increased fiber intake helps you reduce the risk of catching those terrible illnesses.

Indeed, fibers help:

  • lower your LDL cholesterol
  • feed the good bacteria in your gut
  • maintain your gut microbiome
  • immune your system function
  • lower inflammation
  • avoid constipation and feeling bloated
  • promote normal laxation

Eat healthy when you are in a hurry

We know that cooking vegetables can be time-consuming.

We also know that eating fast food can ruin your health and your diet.

That’s why we created this mix that can serve as a meal replacement!

With 15g of fiber per 100g, it helps you feel full after eating your meal and keeps your blood sugar stable.

You have no more excuses!

Get in shape thanks to vegnpro

Your blood sugar plays a major role in a weight loss process as it is the one which helps you avoid snacking all day long.

Getting enough daily fiber helps you live in a healthy body, feel good and gain self-confidence!

Isn’t that magical?

Please note that Life Loving Foods recommends you to eat a wide variety of fiber foods along with its products to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients and fibers needed to get a healthy gut.

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