Health Benefits of Ginger

Forget what you have always heard about ginger’s bad taste and take 2 minutes to read this article and discover how the ginger in our vegnpro mix will help you become healthier.

Get your antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins

Life Loving Foods made a point of including ginger powder in its mix to provide you with all the antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need on a daily basis to be in good health and take care of your organism in the long run.

Ginger is such a powerful spice that only 1g of ginger powder per 100g is enough to fulfill your needs!

A superfood to get rid of stomach pains


Even though you avoid processed food, you may suffer from stomach pains after you have eaten your meal.

Ginger helps treat indigestion and avoid discomfort since it accelerates emptying your stomach.

Make sure to consume our mix on a regular basis, and you may see quick improvements!

Reduce Inflammation

Good news, ginger is as efficient as drugs when it comes to reducing inflammation!

Indeed, ginger has powerful medicine properties that will help you feel better while avoiding drugs that do not always prove beneficial for your health.

Our vegnpro mix will be your best friend!

Ginger boosts your weight loss

Ginger helps lower blood sugar and increases the number of calories burned!

Not only will you lose your extra pounds, but you may also avoid many diseases related to being overweight such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Indeed, our vegnpro may help you fight against your worst enemy: the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL cholesterol.

Reduce soreness after your workouts

Life Loving Food recommends any bodybuilder to implement ginger to their diet to reduce pain the day following its training. Ginger is a natural nutrient that helps you recover quickly.

What more could you ask for?

Preserve your joints, maybe? Well, you’re right!

Osteoarthritis is the sworn enemy of bodybuilders who lift heavy weights until their joints are destroyed.

The vegnpro is one of the best natural foods to avoid damaging your joints!

Face the cold without the risk of getting sick

Antioxidants are essential to avoid catching a cold or to recover from it.

Moreover, the vegnpro helps you keep away from bacteria thanks to its concentration in ginger.

Ginger helps you prevent aging

Life Loving Foods cares about everyone! No matter how old you are, ginger may prove beneficial for your body and mental health. This magical spice is said to help reduce the aging process.

Also, since aging is often synonymous with degeneration, you must take the bull by the horns right now and include ginger in your diet to improve brain function and potentially prevent Alzheimer.

Cook healthy and delicious meals

We do not recommend taking a bite of ginger root or you may not want to eat more of it…

Here are some meal ideas that you can prepare quickly and that will make your mouth water:

  • vegetables and/or stir-fries
  • soups
  • curries

Ginger also adds a spicy and nice touch to your sauces and dressings!

Well, what do you say?

Smile! Ginger even has the power to brighten your teeth!

Try our Planty Pro mix and tell us how much healthier it made you!