Coconut Flour – The Best Alternative to Wheat Flour

Coconut flour will help you be in better health and in better shape!

Whether you are a vegan or a meat-eater, you may find benefits in adding coconut flour to your diet.

Take 1 minutes to read this article and find out the benefits of the vegnpro which includes coconut flour.

An Efficient Plant-Based Alternative to Meat Protein

First things first : 100 grams of coconut flour contains 20 grams of protein.

Needless to say, it is a great source of protein, and it takes wheat flour out of the picture.

Moreover, it is rich in iron, which is good news for vegans or for people who do not like red meat.

The Perfect Gluten-Free Flour

As always, Life Loving Foods makes prioritizes providing you with nutritious food so that you may sustain a healthy diet.

Thanks to coconut flour, people suffering from gluten intolerance are able to manage their illness while baking their favorite food such as bread, pancakes, muffins, veggie loaves, etc.

It also suits paleo diets as it is naturally grain-free!

Thanks to our product, everyone can enjoy a better digestion and avoid struggling with inflammation and constipation issues. (We know this is not a glamorous topic but it is so important!)

Coconut flour contains all the minerals you need

Made from coconut flesh that is dried and ground, our flour provides you with all the essential minerals such as:

– copper

  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • selenium

If you are a gym enthusiast, you understand that these minerals are just as important as sufficient protein intake!

This superfood is about to become your must-have!

Coconut Flour May Help You Avoid Serious Diseases

Avoid suffering from diabetes or heart diseases thanks to this magical flour. Coconut Flour helps you control your blood sugar level since it has a lower glycemic index than wheat flour.

Finally, eating 15g of coconut flour every day can help you lower your total blood cholesterol level.

Get in Shape Thanks to Life Loving Foods

Last but not least: coconut flour is your best friend to lose fat and get back in shape!

Indeed, fiber and protein help reduce hunger and appetite, which means you eat less.

You may enjoy using this flour to prepare your meal in advance and eat these when you are in a rush instead of buying processed and unhealthy food!

Please note that Life Living Food recommends you to eat a wide variety of food along with its products, in order to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need.