We are pleased to announce that we are planning our first LTO event for the summer of 2022 in the Champ de Mars gardens near the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Being an open air event it is free for all but the vegnpro gift sets being in limited supply will need to be prepared and reserved accordingly. Aware of the many issues with privacy and spam we will soon be adding dedicated contact options on this page such as phone, email, chat, anonymous and private messaging and more. Check back often and feel free to use them all as we are always delighted to hear from you  🙂 

There will be two versions of our vegnpro gift sets. One is the standard version and the other is a personalised version which will have your name printed on the top sleeve. Both versions of the gift sets are free of charge.For the standard version we require a simple reservation with a simple code to be able to remit it to you during the event. We are working on setting up an anonymous messaging tool so that there will not be any need for any personal information. As for the personalised gift set we need to have a validated request so that we can be sure that it comes from a person who intends to retrieve it. We are working on a way to implement such a verification method to be simple and effective at once.

We have added an online LTO support chat as well as a google maps event locator. 


you can reach us:

by email :

by phone : +33 0784706823

by our online support chat : click green box bottom right corner

more options coming soon…