Sugar OR Cream to represent the two sources of energy that our bodies use which are Carbohydrates which are forms of sugars OR Fats of which cream is a common form. The name also indicates that sugar and cream are both taste enhancers and make food more enjoyable. And above all to indicate that this diet is simply based on separating Carbohydrate consumption from Fat consumption as much as possible. There are no additional restrictions which helps make the diet simple, sustainable, and affordable…

The underlying reasoning behind this diet is that though our bodies are able to make use of both sources for energy it is done in different ways. Extracting energy from sugars is a faster and shorter process and our bodies will use it first. Our bodies will continue to rely on sugars for their energy until there is a total deficit of sugars before it starts to use fat for energy. These metabolic factors in addition to other factors of food availability in the natural environment are why this diet proposes separating the two sources as much as possible.

We will be presenting information from various sources in an attempt to better understand and explain the many interesting facts related to food, metabolism, health, general wellbeing  and especially the fat-gain and fat-loss effects it has.

*Sources of information:

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