A quick look at a large selection of unprocessed foods that are available to eat indicates that they are almost all Carbohydrates “Sugars” based foods. Fruits except for some rare exceptions provide only sugar energy and vegetables likewise whether they be fresh or dried beans. This is perhaps in line with the scientific fact that our bodies process Carbohydrates first and fastest for energy. It is also interesting to note that nature provides foods in a single energy source form. It is either maximum Carbohydrates and minimal Fat or the other way around but not both in the same food.

These elements seem to indicate that our bodies are naturally inclined to favor a Carbohydrates based diet. It also indicates that it is simple to follow such a diet due to the abundance of options. Furthermore Carbohydrates are grouped into monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. These are molecules of different complexity making for “fast” and “slow” sugars based on the speed at which they are converted into energy by our bodies.

This makes it possible to design optimized daily meal plans to include “fast” and “slow” sugars based on the time of day or energy demands. For example, more fast energy sources might be useful prior to a workout whereas slow energy sources might be beneficial before a nights rest to provide the body with energy until the morning.

This type of a diet satisfies hunger which is essentially driven by the need for energy in a punctual and efficient manner. This can help reduce overeating in a natural way. A healthy diet is one that accompanies our metabolic rate and provides enough energy to avoid going into “starvation” mode and metabolic slowdown which in turn will increase fat storage.

Additional benefits attributed to an ultra-low-fat diet are improved heart-health and reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases, improved diabetes management, as a treatment for obesity and an improvement for people suffering from multiple sclerosis.


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