keto vegan crumble sandwich (crumwich)

  By offering a vegnpro crumwich, we wanted to create an original continental club sandwich with classic Lebanese flavors and ingredients. Halfway between a fresh and light falafel and a dense and creamy steak sandwich, it will revive your taste buds! Lemon, parsley and sumac give it its incomparable zesty taste, while tahini and mayonnaise […]

keto vegan crumble burger (crumbur)

  This unique recipe is a vegnpro version inspired by the popular French "steak haché". Each mouthful offers a mix of flavors and textures, in addition to being particularly nutritious. Walnut oil brings the nuttiness, mustard and onions give the spiciness, and pickles the crunchiness. The raisins bring sweetness, while the endives bring bitterness, and […]

keto vegan bolognaise

  Name one thing better than a beautiful plate of pasta. As the Italians would say, “È semplicemente impossibile!” (It’s simply impossible!) Most pasta dishes, although incredibly delicious, lack a key element that belongs in every meal – protein! This is why we innovate to eat! Below is a quick & easy recipe for this […]

keto vegan keema matar

  This recipe is from a country that is known for its style of cooking, its rich flavors, and its unique spices. Let’s turn the heat up by using our vegnpro Keema Matar, which translates to “mince and peas”, is a curry that is well-known all throughout India. We utilize the vegnpro Mix in its […]