keto vegan gyro

This gyro burger is inspired by a traditional recipe from an ancient land of love, wisdom, beauty, passion and many achievements. Cucumber, lemon and mint bring to mind the fresh sea breeze and our shared mediterranean history while garlic and onion bring to mind the hot summer sun. These ingredients offer a delicious plant-based version reminiscent of Pythagoras who once said that “As long as men slaughter animals they will kill each other.” And indeed, the one who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot hope to reap the joy of love. We dare to say that this plantypro gyro burger is beyond just food. Savour!


  • In a microwave-safe bowl, prepare the crumble by mixing 40ml water with 35g of plantypro and work it for 3 min.
  • Press into 3 sausage shapes and flatten and cut into1 cm slices. Press the slices between oven paper into flakes.
  • Cook the flakes in the microwave at 900W for 1 min. add oil and cook for 30 sec. OR Heat for 10 min. in a covered pan over very low heat, add oil and cook for 3 min.
  • Cut slices of tomato, cucumber and onion and prepare a sauce by mixing 1 tbs of mayonnaise with 2 tsps of lemon juice, some crushed garlic and mint.
  • Prepare a big bun by layering first the tomatoes and finishing with the onions and sauce.
  • Pile the hot flakes onto the bun and serve!

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